Telephone Systems

Trunuty Hosted Solution

Hosted Pabx or better known as HPX connects extension users to an online platform without physical pabx systems installed. This will also allow businesses to grow extensions capacity into any number as there is no user limit for this solution.

  • No pabx systems installed at premises
  • Easy to add or remove extensions
  • Connect mobile devices to existing extensions
  • Have one telephone number for multiple branches

Communication is the lifeblood of business, and modern technology has made it easier than ever to be in touch with clients, prospects, suppliers and staff. Not only has it become easier, it has also become less costly and convenient.

Modern telephone systems have evolved past the old stand-alone telephone systems, switchboards and PABX systems, and are now integrated into the broader IT infrastructure. This provides a huge number of benefits to the small business and corporate alike, but it also presents many technical challenges.

Many of our clients have changed over to a Hosted PABX solution and are currently renting telephone lines from us on a monthly basis. This allow them the flexibility to not have additional hardware installed at their premises.

With the maturity of the internet and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) it is not only feasible, but a requirement for future growth to integrate your physical business environment with your mobile sales and logistics functions. Our new generation of VoIP Telephone Systems and PABX systems makes it possible to integrate fixed telephone lines with mobile telephone lines and even internet data lines. This provides many benefits in terms of flexibility, independence of service provider limitations, integration into monitoring systems, office automation and of course – cost savings.

Telephone Systems Offering

Trunuty offers the following value added telephone system services at no extra cost for our telephone line clients:

  • Acting as liaison partner for telephone service providers – Applying for new telephone lines, cancellation of existing telephone lines and fault reporting
  • Analyse existing telephone accounts and recommendation of additional changes
  • Cost saving reports
  • On line billing Telephone Management System (TMS), only available on our VoIP solution


In order for you to get the benefits of the new world of communication technology and telephone systems, you need an independent partner that can look across the different brands and solutions on the market and propose a solution ideally suited for your specific business. Trunuty is such a business and we invite you to make use of our free “no-obligations” Assessment Service whereby we identify your real needs and then present you with viable options for your business.