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On-site PABX Solutions

Onsite PBX refers to a system where the PBX would be physically installed on the premises. More current technology would be used when the IP is connected with the IP router. Trunuty can also monitor your call rates at a more affordable price.


As a responsible VoIP service provider, Trunuty still prefers to split these two functions; we usually suggest the installation of an internet line for our clients, as well as a voice line for the VoIP, and of course a backup.


VoIP holds these advantages: the client can keep his existing phone number, even if he moves premises, as the number isn’t connected to a landline. Secondly, clients can also have multiple lines on a single VoIP line. This would be far cheaper than multiple landlines would cost.


The key to a quality VoIP installation is to entrust the project to a reliable company with all the right connections in the industry. Make sure that your current provider is up to the task.