You can have the most impressive technical office environment where all your devices are connected and adding tremendous value to you and your team. However, you are only as effective as your cabling infrastructure allows you to be.

Sadly, many cabling and networking installations have not been done correctly. The important task of implementing and connecting a complex cabling exercise is often neglected resulting in countless problems and lost productivity.

At Trunuty we offer the best quality installation on all our networking and cabling infrastructures and we are committed to a suitable project plan that will ensure that the installation will be properly managed and completed within the specified time frame.

Our highly qualified technicians will ensure that your network infrastructure will be tested and apply with the networking standards for South African conditions, before the project is completed.

All our cable installations carry a 5 year warranty!



In order for you to get the benefits of the new world of communication technology and telephone systems, you need an independent partner that can look across the different brands and solutions on the market and propose a solution ideally suited for your specific business. Trunuty is such a business and we invite you to make use of our free “no-obligations” Assessment Service whereby we identify your real needs and then present you with viable options for your business.