Microwave networking offers an inexpensive alternative to laying fibre or even conventional copper cables in the ground. It is far more feasible than having to introduce cables into a building and is installed much faster connection time. As there are no cables required, there is no risk of cable theft.

We can install at your premises within four weeks once we establish you as a qualifying service applicant (QSA). Being a QSA means having line-of-sight (LOS) to one of our high-sites and having met our minimum service standards.


  • Replaces ADSL and telephone lines: Use our wireless solution for voice and data
  • No third party suppliers: No additional costs
  • Uncapped Data at all times
  • Speed: Speeds of up to 100Mbps available
  • Easily re-routed: We will reroute your services in case of disruptions so there is no need to ever be down
  • Cable Theft: No cables, no cable theft


In order for you to get the benefits of the new world of communication technology and telephone systems, you need an independent partner that can look across the different brands and solutions on the market and propose a solution ideally suited for your specific business. Trunuty is such a business and we invite you to make use of our free “no-obligations” Assessment Service whereby we identify your real needs and then present you with viable options for your business.