High speed data can only be guaranteed via fibre connectivity. With speeds up to 10 000 MB, data can now be transmitted for video conferencing  and camera monitoring without any interruptions. This state of the art connectivity platform is the latest form of technology that will allow users to connect and stream data packages true out the rest of the word by a click of a button and save precious time on slow and outdated internet connections.


  • Replaces ADSL and telephone lines: Use our fibre solution for voice and data
  • No third party suppliers: No additional costs
  • Uncapped Data at all times
  • Speed: High Speed Data at all times, Speeds of up to 10 000 Mbps available
  • Back up data recovery: Connect to our data centre for any data loss and real time recovery
  • Easily re-routed: We will reroute your services in case of disruptions so there is no need to ever be down


In order for you to get the benefits of the new world of communication technology and telephone systems, you need an independent partner that can look across the different brands and solutions on the market and propose a solution ideally suited for your specific business. Trunuty is such a business and we invite you to make use of our free “no-obligations” Assessment Service whereby we identify your real needs and then present you with viable options for your business.